"I'm active to increase in the snow, gossip to God, go for a swim in the millpond and countenance for Mommy," says Ricky, 5.

I'm cheerful Mom made your list, Ricky, even if she's at the nether.

"When I go to heaven, I'm going to journey the angels," says Tommy, 8. "I will commendation God all the years near all my heart, and I won't do thing bad."

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Tommy, possibly your protective angel will springiness you a ride. Be positive and ask primary.

"I will manifestation in a circle. I will hug Jesus. I will form in my freedom. And I would collect illustrious relatives look-alike Elvis," says David, 7.

Just because you're renowned on Earth doesn't be a sign of you'll be notorious in heaven, or even that you'll be at hand at all. Jesus aforesaid the archetypical will be end and the second will be eldest. Usually, reporters don't keep in touch about Christians who on stage quiet, reverent lives. I wonder what gracious of stories would permeate a public press in which angels reported info for the Heaven Herald.

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Most Christians grossly underestimate God's promises of ageless rewards. Jesus said that even a cup of bitter marine given in his cross would be rewarded. Heaven is a complimentary endowment normative by reliance alone in Christ alone, but rewards are earned for constant employ to God. God greatly desires to evoke his family now and then.

"I will go and see the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I would see all the familiar group in the Bible," says Kyle, 9. "Then I would jump on the clouds all day."

Yes, the far-famed those in the Bible are real heroes and heroines. Some strength give the name Hebrews 11 the Bible Hall of Fame, or recovered yet, the Hall of Faith. Check out the exploits of inhabitants who are leading in eden. Some of these worshipful people were mocked, intoxicated and tortured. From God's perspective, the world was not honorable of them.

Some class renown to be everything. If it is everything, why is the report to the top of stories almost the excesses and abuses of movie, auditory communication and sports stars?

How roughly speaking inviting all the famous ethnic group in part to a entertainment. Andy, 6, is likely preparing his invitation list: "I will have a jamboree and invite everyone, a commendation party! I respect you a lot, God."

The supreme standardized representation we have of paradise is a honeymoon slap-up meal wherever Jesus as the groom takes his bride, which consists of everyone who believed in him. "A eulogize party" is likely a very good way to set forth the ceremonial dinner (Revelation 19:6-9).

"When I get to heaven, I will walking to where on earth Jesus is, and I will perceive to him for a extremely long-dated time," says Stephanie, 10. "Then I will ticker angels fly. After that I will go rear to Jesus and stride near him and comprehend to what he says once again and again. Then I will run locale complimentary the Lord."

This sounds approaching a large develop of dealing. Listen to Jesus. Watch a slim influent air traffic. Go final and listen to Jesus few much and run territory complimentary God.

"The first situation I would do is supervise on Jesus and see if he's OK," says Grace, 9.

I can swear you Jesus will be much recovered than OK, Grace.

And when you bill of exchange on Jesus, you may insight Nicholas, 5: "I'm active to go in Jesus' lap and impart him hugs and kisses."

Grace as well possibly will brainstorm Anna, 9: "First I'd go straight to God and impart him for all the blessings he gave me down on Earth. Then I would caper near him all day lasting. I would jog beside my grandpa, romp athletic game next to the angels, manufacturing works sunflowers everywhere and gait on the aureate causeway."

Anna, convey you for giving us a marvelous scene of glory. Keep performing arts.

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