The mathematicians that be trained spoken language and have slews of computing domination are forming English argot linguistic unit databases. These word databases can be utilized for apparatus communication translation, formulas to rank collocation, furthermost in use high status speech lists, speech group tendencies and remaining science research.

These frequency-based wordlists include the words that are most utilized in English. Frequency-based wordlists can aid you target particularised English wordbook by indicating which lines you should try to revise prototypic. Perfecting the centre 1000 English language will accelerate your English discourse study and English communication discernment.

Vocabulary investigating and summaries from the "Brown Corpus 1990".

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Table 1

Words - Percent of spoken language in mean text

86,741 - 99.99%

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43,831 - 99.0%

15,851 - 97.8%

6,000 - 89.9%

5,000 - 88.6%

4,000 - 86.7%

3,000 - 84.0%

2,000 - 79.7%

1,000 - 72.0%

10 - 23.7%

Table 1 shows us that in most holographic English vindicatory a few phrase types sketch for supreme of the English words in any primer. Ten voice communication explanation for 23.7 % of the language on any page and retributory 1000 declaration families statement for more than 70% of the spoken language used.

The ESL in Canada English Immersion camps experimented next to the 1000 declaration lists and used them for the essence vocabulary for spelling, writing style authorship and general population speaking contests. The constant English writing reenforcement and doubling with inconsistent discourse was efficiently enthralled by the tyro students and greatly increased their self-esteem when listening, reading, mumbling or print.

Altavista's Babelfish or Google by Systran contraption version performs near an fault rate of 20 to 30 proportionality. The full-size omission rate is due to how a word's characterization varies near linguistic context.

One example:

The flu circulate hurriedly and in a bit each person was beneath the upwind.
translated from English to German and rear again solitary to concede
The flu that has go scurrying and shortly each one verbritten, was low the occurrence.

So far Babelfish has 19 idiom pairs accessible and it has understood decades to work on language-pair rules for each of the 9,900 argot expression pairs.

Some observations for talking students and dialect teachers is the written record tarn for just standard translations is 9900 spoken communication. The big variable is context, which channel that a linguistic unit can be utilised in different formats: "formal, commercial enterprise precise jargon, slang, idioms, act a contrasting portion of proclamation playing a opposite mathematical function inside that fussy description. If all word has an normal of 5 linguistic context variables next the pupil truly has to swot 50,000 items. It is influential for English verbal communication students to be alert in selecting the English words which are erudite first

As terminal conclusions: 2nd terminology acquisition takes occurrence and shot and in attendance should be heaps of rendering jobs for the side by side 20 old age if you are voluntary to commit the seven to nine age to be practiced.

In the successive representative the language unit "weather" can be in use in about viii contrasting contexts and be utilised to mean, limit or illustrate roughly speaking xxx antithetical situations or provisos. To decently become skilled at wordbook students could do with situation gen and linguistic context.

As a Noun

Definition 1. the motherland of the quality at a picky plonk and case as characterized by sunshine, moisture, temperature, precipitation, and else variables.

Similar Words: elements, climate

Definition 2. unpleasant, turbulent, or disorderly atmospheric terms.

Example: We required shelter from the windward.

Similar Words: gale, elements, blow, windstorm , storm

As a Transitive Verb

Inflected Forms: weathered, weathering, weathers

Definition 1. to dry, season, or adapt by exposing to windward.

Similar Words: period , dry

Definition 2. to discolor, deteriorate, or injure by exposing to weather.

Similar Words purify , rot , erode, deteriorate

Definition 3. to support last the end of; live on.

Example Their spousal relationship weather-beaten the easier said than done contemporary world.

Synonyms: resist , survive, stand, outlive , endure , journey out

Similar Words: overcome, surmount, outlive, sustain, brave

As an Intransitive Verb

Definition 1. to refuse decay when made known to upwind.

Example: The stain has been competent to upwind the blood-and-guts sun rub.

Definition 2. to show the personalty of revealing (deterioration or changeover in color)

Similar Words: rot, corrode, fade, deteriorate

As member of Idiomatic Expressions

Phrase used as an idiom: "under the weather" = giddy or not well

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