Windows Media Player 11 is the new and graceful to use Media Player from Microsoft. So you have downloaded this system and deprivation to get started on totting up files. Windows Media Player may involuntarily add files and folders but it tends to do these from the evasion folders specified as 'My Music' and 'My Videos'. You may nevertheless have files keep in new areas you may aspiration to add to the Library. If you choice to spawn this an automated practice alongside the defaults you essential go to File>Add to Library or if you choice to you a route simply grasp the F3 key.

Then prize which media folders you longing to add,these will then mechanically be monitored, anything further to them will be perfunctorily put into your Windows Media Library. You may see an alternative give or take a few files previously deleted from the library, you may need to sound that as you withdraw files that you don't poorness Windows Media Player may as a reflex action add these. If you wishing to add several files to the library you can simply turn up it from a pane with it expand and heave it into the library and it will happen beside the letter-perfect ID3 Tag.

You can now wallow in these files by twofold clicking on them or urgent the go into key. You will discovery running of Windows Media a tad pokey whilst it locates much files to add to the library, past it has done this it will leap auditory communication more than swimmingly short any interruptions

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