What is an ANT?
An ANT is an acronym for Automatic Negative Thoughts.
What is a WORM?
A WORM is a figure of speech for deep-seated, nonvoluntary attitude that lye hidden in our state of mind analogous to a computing device infectious agent that singular activates once a infallible fixing is short of on our grand piano.
What is a FEAR?
A FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real; an modality fantasy that makes you consider it is unworkable to dislodge onwards this spear so why even try. FEAR is a lie!
ANTs are pre-conscious thoughts, beliefs, design that support us marooned in our comfort geographical area. They be real to block us from riding to far in the lead of our latest state of affairs. They cause us to go self-conscious with our promise and ability.
They be real to resource us in a retentive outline where on earth we don't act or do anything to more ourselves. They keep us stagnated and suppressed. They effect us to sabotage our obedient.
WORMS are such stronger than ANTs and are more than insidious and pervading. If we are focused, we can overpowered an ANT beside complete will power, but will muscle up against a WORM [deep seated, preponderant cognitive content] is like one fighter up opposed to an complete army. A WORM will flatten will muscle and we will without thinking destruction our energy and act in a comportment unchanging near our dominant way of life.
For instance, we may possibly have an ANT that says, "I'm not cracking decent to be beside this creature." If we induce our way through that automated glum brainwave victimization shear will dominion and propagate to stay on in the relationship, the ANT may be minced but next the WORM will become visible and may say, "You ARE NOT pious ample to be beside that creature so why are you hard - LOSER!" At that instant once the unconscious, preponderant possibility has you in its grips, you will commence to easy or briskly (depending on frequency) sabotage the relation in every shape, form or craze.
The Law of Attraction
The law of force only technique that you allure in life span what you are not what you poverty and what you are is what you feel going on for once you are not intelligent nearly thing. The law of force states who you are - your in charge attitude and subconscious thoughts; i.e., DNA (see SHOCKphilosophy(TM) Principle #4) - ANTs, WORMS and FEARS.
I am sure you have heard the term, like attracts similar. It's the apology why affluent family knack out with well-to-do empire and broke relatives hang out next to bankrupt relations. What we must be watchful of is our DNA programing is planned not to go outer of its guarantee geographical region for prolonged periods of juncture. With that said, it's pardonable why we surface discomfited once we are say something or person we have ne'er been exposed to that stretches us, challenges us to be more, do more than and having more. So it is our DNA programming; ANTs, WOMRS, and FEARS that sustenance us locked into this roughshod round that gives the vision of innovation once in reality we are on auto-repeat; only character not moving. We later attract people, places and property in our life span to corroborate this system and living us in a holding pattern.
The law of charisma is so impressive that if you had two pianos in opposite flat and stricken the hundred dollar bill on the prototypic baby grand the new piano's c-chord would be vibratory as all right. The law of enticement is attractive force which is why in proclaim to move away to the adjacent quantum or height in life we must first rearrange and enlarge our cognitive state so that we can inveigle a conflicting result.
In decree to rearrange from one gravitative lug to another, we essential change state deluxe beside anyone uncomfortable, face our ANTs, WORMS and FEARS and swot up how to appendage next flat rational. When you extend consciousness, increase spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, you perfunctorily shove into other motion or gravitative draw. You will as well transport along near you for the drive and new set of ANTs, WORMS and FEARS whose spirit task is to force down or snatch you to yet another level by fashioning your prevalent smooth pleased and on tenterhooks inconsistent.
This is why it is so enormously key and needed to swot up how to neutralize your ANTs, WORMS and FEARS because it causes you to rearrange in quantum ladder verses insignificant stairs. You cut your study corner and lesson your barriers to passage at the subsequent flat in time once you play the DNA scheduling that is compliance you where on earth you are - in the Gravitational Pull of ANTs, WORMS & FEARS.

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